With the colder weather approaching, it’s time to get cozy and warm. But what if you don’t have any blankets? Or what if you want a cute blanket but don’t have time to crochet one? Don’t worry, you can still make a granny stripe blanket using basic crochet stitches. In fact, this project is so easy, even a beginner can master it in no time at all! To get started, follow these simple instructions and watch the video tutorial below. Once you’ve mastered the basics, try out some of our other crochet projects to expand your skillset. Happy crocheting!

    If you love the look of stripes, but don’t want to commit to a whole blanket full of them, this Granny Stripe Blanket Crochet pattern is perfect for you! The pattern calls for a variety of colors, so you can create a timeless and stylish piece. You will need basic crochet stitches, plus slip stitch and double crochet stitches. This project takes about 120 minutes to complete.

    This crochet blanket is perfect for chilly winter days. The striped pattern is fun and easy to follow, making this a great project for beginners. The blanket is made with a simple dc stitch and can be completed in just about an hour. Plus, it’s super soft and cozy!

    Granny Stripe Blanket Crochet
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    Crocheting is a very versatile skill that can be used for many different projects. One of the most popular crochet techniques is granny stripe blanket crochet. This pattern is easy to follow and produces aversible fabric that is both stylish and warm.

    To begin, chain 180 (the length of the blanket desired). Join with a slip stitch in the first chain to form a ring. [Note: if working on a smaller/larger scale, divide the chain into multiple pieces before beginning.]

    Next, work 3 dc in each chain around. Join with a sl st in the second dc from the hook to form a round (6dc). Do not turn yet.

    Now work 2 dc in each st around (12dc). Turn your work so that you are now facing the wrong side of your piece and join with a sl st in the top of the first dc from the previous round. Now continue crocheting in this manner, making sure not to twist your stitches, until you reach the end of your round (18dc).

    Round 3: Ch 3, sk next 2 sts, *2 dc in next st, ch 3; rep from * around (16dc). Turn your work so that you are now facing right side out and join with a sl st in top of first ch-3 sp. Fasten off weave ends securely.

    Looking for a crochet blanket to keep you warm this winter? Look no further than Granny Stripe Blanket Crochet! This easy-to-follow pattern will have you crocheting in no time at all. Once you know how to make this cozy blanket, you can use it for any special occasion or just to stay warm on cold days.

    This blanket is worked in the round from the bottom up. The longest edge is also the front of the blanket. After crocheting the first row, turn your work so that the wrong side is facing and begin crocheting the Row 1 stripe. Keep working stripes until your blanket is as long as you want it to be, ending with a Row 1 stripe across the top of your work. Be sure to join your stripes together by slip stitching them together once they reach the end of a row.

    To complete your blanket, weave in any ends and block your work before using. You can also choose to leave an unblocked seam if preferred. Granny Stripe Blanket Crochet is perfect for snuggling up with this winter!

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    Learn how to make Granny Stripe Blanket Crochet:

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