Crochet Baby Star Blanket Wrap Cozy. Crochet baby blankets are a great way to keep your little one cozy and comfortable. Not only are they simple to make, but they can also be adapted to fit any size baby. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to make a cozy crochet baby blanket. When you’re done, your little one can snuggle up in style and comfort.

    This cozy crochet star blanket is the perfect size to keep your little one warm on chilly nights! It’s made with a light, airy crochet fabric and has removable pins so you can put it on and take it off easily. The pattern also includes instructions for making a matching hat to complete the look.

    The Cozy Baby Star Crochet Blanket is designed by Kerry Peters of

    This cozy baby star crochet blanket is a quick and easy way to keep your little one warm on chilly nights. The blanket is worked in rows so it’s perfect for beginners, and the end product is a comfortable wool cocoon.

    Crochet Baby Star Blanket Wrap Cozy
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    To make the blanket, start by making a length of chain that fits your baby’s chest (or as close to baby’s measurements as possible). For this blanket, I used a 16-stitch chain.

    After making your chain, make it into a loop by making 3 tr in the first stitch, 2 tr in the next stitch and 1 tr in the last stitch. Be sure to turn your work so the loop points towards you when you’re done.

    Then work the rows starting with the second stitch from the end of your loop. Work 1 tr in each stitch until end of row. Make sure you don’t twist your work!

    When you’ve completed a line, don’t turn your work around – we’ll continue working on the opposite side of our ridge now! Work 1 tr in each stitch until you reach the end of your row. Again, make sure you don’t distort your work!

    Keep working along this side of our ridge until you complete another row – this time, however, we’re going to flip our work so it points downward when we’re done.

    Cozy baby star crochet blanket

    You don’t need a lot of yarn to make this cozy crochet blanket. Just a few skeins will do the trick! You can use any color you like, and it will look great in any nursery!

    To make the blanket wrap, start by crocheting a chain to the required length. Be sure to add an extra stitch for each loop you make. Then work the second chain from the hook and continue to crochet each stitch on your blanket. After you finish crocheting, turn the work so that the wrong side is facing out. Weave in all its ends securely.

    Your cozy baby star crochet blanket is now complete! Place him in his comfortable bed or crib and watch your little one sleep peacefully swathed in your warmth and love.

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