The Copenhagen pillow is a unique type of pillow designed to hug your head and neck, providing unparalleled comfort. Not only does this pillow provide great head and neck support, it’s also machine washable and lightweight, making it perfect for travel. Whether traveling for work or pleasure, the Copenhagen pillow is the perfect addition to your luggage. Learn more about this unique pillow in the following article.

    Crochet is a versatile and fun craft that can be used for a variety of projects. You can crochet pillows, blankets, hats, scarves and more. Whether you’re new to crochet or need some tips on how to get started, our blog article has all the information you need.

    When you crochet, you create loops using your yarn needle. You create these loops by inserting the yarn needle into the stitch next to the hook and pulling the yarn through both stitches. You then keep doing this until you reach the end of the row or round.

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    There are many different types of stitches you can use when crocheting. The most common type is the chain stitch. Chain stitches are made by working two basic stitches together: single crochet (sc) and double crochet (sc). To make a chain stitch, insert the yarn needle into the first sc before working the second sc on the needle. Thread the yarn through once and pull the two stitches.

    Crochet is a centuries-old craft that can be done by anyone with patience and a few yarns. Can be used for blankets, hats, scarves and other items. There are many different crochet patterns out there so you can find the one that is perfect for your project.

    Looking for the perfect crochet pillow to add a touch of luxury to your bed? Look no further than Copenhagen! This design is made with luxurious cotton yarn and features a heart shape topped. The perfect addition to any bedroom, this pillow measures 20 inches by 20 inches.

    If you’re looking for a unique gift, or want to make your own bed more comfortable, consider picking up a Copenhagen crochet pillow!
    crochet hat

    Need a new crochet beanie to keep your head warm this winter? Check out this elegant design made from wool and cashmere yarn. The hat is knitted in the round and finished off with a pompom bow at the top.

    Learn how to make, COPENHAGEN PILLOW:

    Access the free pattern / COPENHAGEN PILLOW

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