Hawaiian Flowers Crochet. There is something truly charming about Hawaiian flowers. Whether cascading on a vine or standing proudly in a pot, these beautiful plants are a must in any home. And crochet can help you make your own Hawaiian flowers, just like the ones you see in nature. In this blog post, we’ll show you how to crochet Hawaiian flowers using the basic chain stitch. Once you learn this simple technique, you will be able to create beautiful flowers of your own in no time.

    Hawaiian Flowers Crochet. Crochet flowers are a great way to use some of your yarn scraps and create something pretty. You can crochet from scratch or use patterned yarn to get the look you want. Here are four crochet flower patterns to get you started:

    1) Crochet flower in daisy chain
    This simple daisy chain crochet flower is made using just 2 rounds of crochet, so it’s perfect if you have some yarn scraps lying around. Simply make a chain to your desired length, then work an initial double crochet into the first chain, followed by a double double crochet into each subsequent chain until the petals reach the desired size. Finish by making an extra double-crochet loop at the end to form a pretty border.

    Hawaiian Flowers Crochet
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    2) Crochet rose petal flowers
    If you want a more realistic rose look, crochet rose petal flowers are the way to go! Knit this stitch in rows, starting with a base chain-chain chaining 3 stitches together (counts as 1 tr), working the chain-space from left to right. Rows 1-4 will work in this 3 chain stitch space, while rows 5-8 will work in each of the next two DC spaces created by rows 4 and 5 respectively (these two newly created spaces will now be identified as RS1 and RS2). To make rose petals, work dc in any stitch except RS1 and RS2 (both

    Crochet flowers is one of the best ways to add some color and life to a project. Here are 12 crochet flowers that will brighten up any space.

    1. Daisy
      This simple daisy can be made in any color you like and can be used as a centerpiece or decoration in a project. Start by crocheting a chain 3, then work two single crochets at the top of the chain, evenly spaced. Work two more single crochets at the end of the first stitch, then pull the yarn through all three stitches. You now have a daisy head! Continue crocheting until the flower is about 15 cm tall.
    2. Sunflower
      This cheerful sunflower is perfect for using up leftover yarn and will brighten up any room it’s displayed in. 3 ch to begin with, then hook into second ch from hook and work 2 tr in the same stitch (this forms the first petal). Place hook in next tr and work 2 tr in the same stitch (this forms the second petal). Do this again, making sure each petal is about 1 inch wide. Finish by placing a marker in the middle of the third petal and working 2 sc around it (this makes the stem). Do this until you reach the end of the yarn, then tie and cut off the excess string. Congratulations – you’ve made a sunflower!
    3. Snapdragon
      This beautiful Snapdragon is great

    Hawaiian Flowers Crochet. Looking for a free crochet pattern for a Hawaiian flower? The Yarn Bee crochet shop has it all for you! This crochet pattern for a hula skirt features a colorful assortment of flowers in solid and striped colors. The flowers are worked in the round so they are easy to create. Get the instructions below to get started!

    To make this crochet pattern for a hula skirt you will need:

    • Crochet hook size G/6 (4 mm)
      -Sewing needle
    • scissors
    • Stitch marker (optional)

    The Hawaiian flower crochet pattern is available on The Yarn Bee website. To start, chain 123 (or any other multiple of 12) together. To start working the flowers, join the yarn with a slip stitch in the first chain on the hook and work 6 sc in the ring. Continue crocheting the flowers around the waist until the skirt is the desired length (or any width you like), ending with slip stitch in the first sc. Fasten off and sew at the ends. If desired, add a point marker before closing.

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    Learn how to crochet Hawaiian Flowers:

    Access the Free Pattern / Hawaiian Flowers Crochet

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    We wish you all a great week, full of God’s blessings in your homes, and especially a lot of creativity to start another crochet yarn craft project.
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