Rainbow Baby Blanket. Introducing the Rainbow Baby Blanket! This cozy and colorful blanket is made from 100% cotton, so it’s perfect for use on babies and adults. It’s machine washable and fits most standard cribs, so you can be sure your little one will be comfortable all winter long. But that is not all! The Rainbow Baby Blanket also comes with a matching hat and booties, so you can make sure your little one is ready for winter.

    Rainbow Baby Blanket. The most popular crochet blanket pattern is the rainbow blanket. This easy project can be completed in just a few hours and is perfect for a baby’s first blanket. The rainbow blanket uses only basic stitches and is perfect for any skill level. You will need to know how to chain, single crochet, double crochet and slip stitch.

    To start, chain 148 (or any multiple of 8). Work your way down the chain by folding in each stitch (forming two loops). To finish the row, make a slip stitch in the first YO, then pass the YO and pull both YO’s. Turn your work so that you are now working in the other direction.

    Rainbow Baby Blanket
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    Chain 72 (or any multiple of 8) and then lower the chain by folding each stitch (forming two loops). To finish the row, make a slip stitch in the first YO, then pass the YO and pull both YO’s. Turn your work so that you are now working in the other direction again.

    Work your new chain as you did before, but this time don’t fold in each stitch (you’ll only have one loop). When you reach the end of the new chain, turn your work so that you are now working in the other direction again. Continue crocheting this way until you reach your desired blanket length.

    Crocheting a rainbow baby blanket can be fun and rewarding for all ages. The finished blanket will be a cherished keepsake that your little one will love snuggling up to! This project is easy enough for beginners, but it can also be customized to create a unique blanket that is perfect for your child.

    The fabric you choose for your rainbow baby blanket will affect the look and feel of the finished product. A soft, lightweight fabric such as cotton or wool is ideal as it fits well and feels warm and comfortable to the touch. Avoid using thick fabrics as they can make the blanket heavy and difficult to work with.

    After choosing the fabric, it’s time to start shaping the blanket. You will need a piece of paper large enough to hold your design, along with some basic crochet stitches (single crochet, double crochet, chain stitch). Start by making a single crochet row across the width of the paper. Then switch to double treble crochet and work another row in the same way. Finish by making a single crochet in each of the end stitches. Then transfer your pattern to the fabric you selected and get to work!

    Rainbow Baby Blanket. Start by working a row of crochet sc on each edge of the fabric square. Make sure not to twist or turn the

    Looking for a quick and easy crochet project? Check out our roundup of free rainbow baby blanket patterns! These blankets only take a few hours to make and can be customized to match any baby’s outfit.

    To get started, choose a color scheme for your blanket. We recommend using six different colors, but you can use up to twelve if you have enough yarn. Once you’ve selected your colors, follow the pattern below to create your own rainbow baby blanket!

    If you are new to crochet, we recommend watching our How to Crochet video tutorial first. It will walk you through the basic techniques needed to create this blanket. Happy crochet!

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    Learn how to make Rainbow Baby Blanket:

    Access the free pattern / Rainbow Baby Blanket

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